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575 timehops

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"Let's make a burrito!"

Do fence me in
575 timehops
We had two house projects going at the same time and somehow the timing worked out perfectly. Neither crew got in the other's way at all, and everything happened in the right order! The contractor who previously remodeled our upstairs bathroom was back to build us an awesome fence, and thankfully the house was painted before he had to attach anything to it.


It was a pretty challenging project because our house is on its own little hill, making it hard to choose a spot for the fence to start where it could secure the back yard. And that was the primary reason for it, to keep trespassers out and to eventually be able to keep a dog in.

One option would have been to start it at the level part in back, at the bottom of the stairs. I wanted it somewhere at the top of the stairs, though, because that would also secure our back deck. They did a great job following the staircase up and giving us a gate on the side of the house.


It's not 100% done because the locks somehow didn't make it into the original supply order. Those will be installed when they arrive, and we might also put a concrete pad below the gate not pictured in this post since the ground on that side is very uneven. It's an old root system so it'd be no small feat to level everything out, but a rectangle of concrete under the gate would do the trick.

That gate is a double gate to allow wide things like our yard crew's equipment to pass through, so it'll also need sliding bars that secure it in addition to the lock.

At some point we might also go in with our neighbors on the other side to replace the fence between us and them. It's in terrible shape but they weren't interested in replacing it just yet. Thankfully our new gate on that side will help hold it up until they're ready.

Paint and sip and tots
575 timehops
Our friend Marci who runs naughty bingo at our neighborhood bar and two other bars in the region loves to keep busy. She also hosts karaoke and wants to start a trivia night, and today was her second paint and sip.


We couldn't make it to the last one but I'm glad today's worked out. It was a lot of fun! For $25, we got a canvas and a cocktail. Brushes, paint, and aprons were provided as well.


Paint and sip is a good bar activity because there's a lot of waiting involved. You have to let a layer dry before you paint over it or else they'll mix. That gives you time to socialize, enjoy your drinks, and order food.


There's not a lot of extra room on the table, though, so we shared an order of tater tots. That was really all we needed, they were tasty and very filling. They only brought out ranch dressing and I almost dipped into my red paint several times absentmindedly thinking it was ketchup.


My painting's on the right. I wanted it to look more like a weeping willow, my mom's favorite. I like how it turned out! It had been forever since I'd done anything like that and I'd definitely do it again.

One project down
575 timehops
The painters finished yesterday and I love the results.




The fence is going up quickly, lots of progress already. But the top of each section has to be leveled off and I don't like the way it looks for now, so no early photo.

Surprise on a vine
575 timehops
I did the Ebey Waterfront Trail this morning and regretted the choice once I got there. There was fog in every direction but not there, and the cloud cover was pretty boring. The sort of day where I delete the time lapse because there's just nothing to see.

I suppose the walk was doomed from the start because I'm sore from moving the bed stuff upstairs yesterday and putting it together. But at least there was a nice surprise.


I almost walked right by this vine but then I noticed it had grapes growing on it!



I had a few, of course. Normally all we get on the trails is blackberries, so this was a nice treat.

575 timehops
Putting together a large bed frame in a small bedroom is not without its challenges, but one I didn't anticipate was height! The headboard is wider than the bed frame, the same width as the bed plus the end tables, but for now only the left side is attached. There's a thermostat in the way on the other side. I could slide the bed a couple of inches away from the wall, but in this room, every little bit of space counts. And the thermostat is for an old baseboard heater that I never used and wouldn't even need to now that we have central air. Hopefully our contractor has a little time in his schedule to decommission a heater and thermostat.

Changes afoot
575 timehops
My sister-in-law texted me early this week asking if I'd be interested in a queen bed frame, headboard, and night stand set. I needed a new mattress anyway, so I'm finally going from a full to a queen at age 45. I've never had a headboard, either, but this one so over-the-top, I couldn't say no. 111 inches wide! The new appropriately-'90s comforter is already washed, the box spring arrived last night, and the mattress gets here Tuesday.

The timing couldn't have been better. The garage and driveway are already full of materials for a fence that's going up this week, and the living room and lawn have stuff cleared away from the house so it can be painted. May as well upend my room while we're at it!

Fun and work
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The Yum Run was so much fun! I got there really early and talked to lots of friends who were working the event, plus some others who were also in the 5k. The one who made me laugh the most was Meagan. She's been sick lately and her doctor told her to go ahead and do the walk, but take it easy. When the horn blew, she walked half a block to the street the trucks were on and decided to just go straight to them. Ha.

Garret from LiEv took this photo of me and Lisa.

Live in Everett Yum Run 2019

The first snack on the route was an amazing chocolate chip cookie with flake salt on top by Narrative Coffee. They made 1,000, so there was also a huge pile of them to take for free at the info booth.

I'm not sure who was behind it, but the second snack stop was '90s themed. LiEv's Riley was there in a Solo Jazz pattern (like at the top of my back tattoo) tank top and shorts, and he and the other volunteers with him had Otter Pops, Gushers, and Twinkies. I had a blueberry Otter Pop, which really hit the spot because the sun had come out and it was warming up.

I stopped slightly short of the actual finish line because the Makers Market vendors were on the way to it and I wanted to try the vegan ice cream from Colibri Sweets. Their peaches and cream flavor was fantastic, but I gave half to my friend Kristen since I wanted to eat more stuff.

Lisa and I both had the Scallorito, a scallop soft taco dish from the Weathervane Seafood truck. It had basil pesto slaw, bacon, and the best scallops I've had in years. I wish we'd have thought to split a plate, though, because I didn't eat anything else while we were out except some fries while we were at The Irishmen, the first of our two post-event bar stops.

We also did the Upper Left Beer Fest which was two blocks away. It was ok, but I wish you got more samples for the entry fee.

Yesterday was very unproductive. All we really did was bring the couch inside from the back deck to get ready for pressure washing and painting. There's a lot more to do, but that's the one thing that needed two people, so I wanted to make sure we did it. Today after work I got a big load of dishes done and then almost everything else that needs to be taken care of outside. Somehow I often get a burst of productive energy on Monday afternoons and it's best to take full advantage of it.

Oh yeah, having the only hot dog hat ended up being such an ordeal. So many people asked me how I got it and of course I didn't want to lie or anything, so I said something like this about 967 times:
"There were originally supposed to be hot dog, hamburger, and pizza hats, but when it came time to do the order, the vendor had no hot dogs in stock. I write for Live in Everett and picked up my stuff early, and they gave me the sample."

Changes afoot, catchemups
575 timehops
Garrett was really smart when we moved from the condo to a house to keep our budget the same in one way. The money that used to go to condo dues and assessments is still set aside every month, but instead of going to a condo board, it goes to a house fund. The last time we used it was for the bathroom remodel upstairs where we added the laundry, and we're starting a couple of new projects now. Our contractor who did the bathroom is back to build a fence to secure our back yard, and we're also getting the house painted.

It definitely needs it. One of the paint vendors put it perfectly when he said, "You've definitely saved some money by getting the absolute most out of the last paint job."

It's going to be a pretty big change, too. Right now the house is blue and white, but instead of a two-color scheme, it'll soon be just one, with white only on the trim. And the new color is a nice deep purple. There's a sample online but I don't think it looks enough like the real thing to share it.

The painting project meant we had to get a lot of extra work done by our yard guys to get ready. Not just all the way around the house, but along our driveway, too. The walls on either side are being painted the same color as the house. We decided to match them because if we do them white again, they'll probably always look a little dirty, so we may as well do something different. We weren't even sure what this wall looked like under all the vines.


Turns out it's the same shape as on the other side.


The funny thing is when I texted our yard guy about this, he and the crew were there within a couple of hours taking care of it. He also asked about the fence because we asked him a couple of weeks earlier to bid on that project and we hadn't heard back. So he responded instantly about the yardwork but it seems like he probably wasn't interested in the fence at all.

It was also funny because this was the day before our normal every-other-Wednesday yard work day, and they ended up back again the next day for that.

In other news, today's a big day for Live in Everett. Many months ago they announced the return of their food truck festival and the Yum Run, a food-themed 5k. Finally, someone came up with a 5K I'll participate in. What makes it food themed:
- Food-shaped hats for the runners and walkers who signed up early (and I signed up first!)
- A snack stop at each mile marker
- Early entrance to the food trucks area for participants

I flexed a little bit of insider privilege and stopped by the office this week to pick up the materials for myself and for lisaloopner, who'll be walking with me. That way we don't have to wait in line and I was able to ensure we got whichever food hats I wanted. Lisa said I could go ahead and pick for her and she'd give me her hat when the race was over, so I decided I'd get two hot dog hats since Garrett's and my summer part is always a hot dog party.

However, the vendor didn't have any hot dog hats in stock, so there was only one, and I got it! So I'll save it for a year and do a complete hot dog theme outfit for our next party. I got the pizza hat for Lisa because I really like the way they did the toppings on it. A true work of art.

My good friend Kristen from Vertical Gardens Northwest and Everett Makers Market set up a market today to go with the food truck festival, and they also coordinated with the Upper Left Beer Fest which is going on a couple of blocks away. Yum Runners were able to get a discount on beer fest tickets, so today will be an awesome day of friends, food, beer, and maker crafts.

Mainly I'm just glad I thought to immediately sign up for the Yum Run so I wouldn't feel compelled to volunteer. Mua ha ha.

In other other news, my back tattoo is now finished!


Obviously we could fill in a little more around the DeLorean if we chose to, but as far as the project being completed for the contest, it's finished. We absolutely can't touch it between now and the convention in five weeks. I'm so relieved, both physically and financially.

Please also check out my latest blog post at LiEv about Paws With Cause, a local charity that runs painting sessions with senior citizens who paint potraits of shelter pets to help get them adopted and raise money for shelters and other animal-related charities. It's a really great concept and I was honored to get the chance to spread the word. Plus I ended up with another piece of art for the orange bathroom.


I'd love to know how the Swedish commenter ended up reading the post.

Shifting the goal posts
575 timehops
This last weekend was my annual Mt. Baker trip. A quick recap of the previous trips:

2016: Stayed overnight in a tiny house in Deming which was not enjoyable, took a wrong turn and climbed Table Mountain instead of following the Chain Lakes Trail I meant to explore.

2017: Stayed overnight in a tiny condo in Glacier which was a little better, took the right trail, but was overwhelmed by wildfire smoke after a couple of miles.

2018: Realizing I hated packing up completely before the hike and driving straight home from it, stayed two nights in a larger condo in Glacier. Having been working through physical therapy for plantar fasciitis, decided not to overdo it and did a short trail by the condo. Drove to Bellingham for entertainment and realized it'd be a lot more fun to stay there instead.

So for this year I found a nice Airbnb in a cool area in Bellingham. It was bigger than I needed at two bedrooms, but it had a hot tub and sauna which were nice amenities for after a hike. I used the second bedroom as my dressing room.

After some waffle fry poutine and wine for dinner at a local brewery, I went to sleep and got up at 3am to start getting ready. Saturday was the morning I decided from now on I should probably eat breakfast at the trail head. Normally I'm up at 4am and usually don't eat breakfast until 8am or so. On hike days like this, I'm spend the morning wishing I could get out the door faster but it's hard to eat very quickly.

It didn't matter too much in terms of crowds or anything, though. There weren't nearly as many people there as I saw two years ago because the entire mountain was fogged in. I never actually saw Mt. Baker at any point during the day.

I consulted the map and set out to attempt the full loop by heading down the Wild Goose Trail, which eventually connects to the Chain Lakes Trail. I didn't get very far before I decided I didn't want to continue. I wouldn't have minded going up this scary staircase, but down was out of the question.


Looking at the map again when I got back to Artist Point (where we park and four trails start) I decided I'd be happy if I could get as far as Iceberg Lake, the biggest of the lakes up there. And here's what much of the view was like after that.


Normally when you're on this trail, the incredible view of Mt. Baker distracts a bit from the steep terrain. So I guess it's a little less scary when you can't see anything.

One thing that's weird to me is how muted the outfits were that most people wore. If you happened to fall off the trail and roll down the hill, wouldn't you like to be easy to spot? I saw maybe three other people total wearing bright colors like mine.


Turning the corner toward the lakes improved the view.


I ate a Kind Bar while enjoying the view of the lake before heading back.


The Artist Point parking area was somehow even foggier hours later when I got back to the car. I still have an unprocessed time lapse on the Brinno because I was hoping it'd clear up while I was gone. I'll get to it the next time I use the Brinno.


Here's the hike. Note you can see how I turned around when I changed my mind. You can also make out Table Mountain as the high point I start to wrap around, that's what I accidentally climbed up to my first time out there.

Neither night at Airbnb was super restful. The first night could have been much worse, though. I thought about sleeping with the patio door open for the fresh air, but am so glad I didn't. I woke up to find the whole room lit up by the motion sensor light outside. Two raccoons were fighting and/or mating and if they came inside while I slept, it would have been a disaster.

There's a ballroom next to the Airbnb and a wedding was held there Saturday night. I was fine with how late the party went, but unfortunately the noise of them breaking everything down and putting it away was much more annoying and went well into the night.

All in all, it was a very nice trip. I think it's time to start exploring other hiking spots, though. I definitely want to stay in Bellingham again, but it's an hour and 45 minutes from there to Artist Point. It took a while for my body to warm up and really enjoy the hike, which makes sense on a day you spend as much time in the car as you do on the trail.

The House of Duras lives on
575 timehops
My touch-up appointment for my back was supposed to be yesterday, but Jimmy had to cancel it. I didn't mind at all because I really wished I'd scheduled it for after the Mt. Baker trip. Now it is! I still had a tattoo appointment on Friday, but as it's on my leg and I'm able to bandage it during these first few days, I might be able to heal it out before I leave town.

I chose Lursa and B'Etor from Star Trek because I like Britney from the shop and really wanted her to tattoo me, even though most of the stuff she does really isn't my style. Lots of women and knives and stuff. So I chose some women I thought would be funny and interesting in her style.

Here they are on my inner left calf area and they go pretty well with the Freckle tattoo next to them.


I decided to have Nick give me a tattoo at the convention. I'm there the full weekend, may as well get a tattoo, right? I'll share that when it happens. He's the guy who did the first tattoos on each of my feet.

Every day I'm shuffling
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Got quite the surprise this morning when I couldn't sign into my work account. At first I thought maybe my password had expired and I didn't notice because I'd been using my smart card and pin instead, but when I called the global help desk about it, they said my account was suspended and that my boss would have to email an alias to get it reinstated. The good news is that she saw the email I sent her right away. The bad news is that she had only a couple of hours before she had to get on a plane leaving Singapore. She emailed the alias, I've followed up after getting my vendor company email address working again, and my contact at the vendor company is working on it from his side. So this is pretty much a day off that I didn't ask for. I'd really rather be working, there's stuff I'd like to work on.

I did Big Gulch this morning because I realized I'm nine days away from my next Mt. Baker trip. I should probably do uphill walks the rest of the time between now and then, and use my trekking poles too. If I don't feel I'm ready, so be it. It's still a nice weekend trip and this year I smartly decided to stay in Bellingham instead of by the mountain. Last year at this time my feet were just starting to feel much better from physical therapy so I did a shorter trail by my rental, and drove to Bellingham for other activities. Now I'll be by all the activities except the possible hike. Makes much more sense.

As it's the first time I've been to Big Gulch since I installed Relive, here's the video.

I never realized until just now how far away from the main road and toward the gulch some of those neighborhoods go. Here's one of the lovely photos from today, click through to find more on flickr.


Also heard from Jimmy this morning because something's come up and he needed to move my final touch up appointment for my back. That was quite the relief because it was supposed to be Saturday and I've still got a few scabs from the last appointment 13 days ago. And we settled on the Tuesday after I get back from Bellingham, which is great. My rental has a hot tub and sauna and it'd be a shame not to be able to use it.

That said, I do have an appointment with Britney--another of the shop's apprentices--tomorrow. But she's doing a smaller piece and I ordered the fancy bandages so I think I'll be ready for that after a week. Fingers crossed!

We're getting bids to have our house painted. Strangely enough, the guy who remodeled our bathroom a while back emailed me out of the blue to see if we're still interested in a fence. We definitely are, so he'll be by soon to give us an estimate for house painting and for the fence. I'd really like to work with him again, he's independent so it's a little cheaper, though it might take longer. I'm fine with that, especially for outdoor stuff.

Healing and cleaning
575 timehops
My back's doing a lot better now. Just a few scabby areas left. Now that I'm feeling better, and work has calmed down considerably, I decided yesterday it was time to start working on my office. It always gets a little filthy each year when we throw our summer party and shove everything in the basement we don't want people to see in there, but this year it was particularly bad. Lots of extra dust and a smell from where Sam did a particularly good job defiling the carpet in one corner. Resolve carpet cleaner didn't do much to it, so it was time for a steam clean.

This and Garrett's room are the only two with carpet now, so it'd been ages since I used the steam cleaner. Took me a while to figure out how to measure the product you add to the water, thankfully I finally remembered the measuring cup is part of the lid.

Stage one yesterday was moving a folding cot we keep in here out, vacuuming, and steam cleaning the carpet on that side of the room. Today, I finished stage two, cleaning out and organizing the closet. I really hoped I'd find a certain picture frame I've been looking for, but it wasn't in there. But I found a Starheadboy for the orange bathroom and a frame that fits it.


There's not a lot of room left, but there's a little behind the door.


It's so nice to have the closet under control, and I saved about $45 in the process! This morning I had keyboard issues, specifically the letter that happens to be the first one in my password wasn't working. I use a curved keyboard and the straight spare I found in the closet wasn't super comfortable, so I ordered a replacement. A few hours later, I found a brand-new curved one in the closet! Not new in the package or anything, but clean and apparently never used. And it was the exact same model I ordered.

It was too late to cancel, but Amazon makes it so easy to do returns now. Just show a QR code on your phone to the people at the UPS Store, and they take care of everything. And there's a UPS store eight blocks South of us on the main road. Perfection.

The third stage of cleaning will be to clean out my desk drawers and cabinets, take my computer setup apart and clean everything, and pack up lots of what I find to donate or throw away. I'll also steam the carpet on this side of the room. Then everything can go back where it was. I originally pictured it being three stages, but of course everything needs to dry before I move it back. Four it is.

There's a futon in my office for guests to sleep on (the poor dears) and I took the bedding off that and put it in a pile with a blanket that was in the closet. There's a couple of loads of laundry I need to work on.

It's nice to get stuff done but I'm also glad I'm breaking it up into more manageable chunks over several days. It's really disheartening when you try to tackle too much and then you can't stop. In my case, that would be because if I take my workstation apart, I can't get much done until I put it back together. I know a lot of my coworkers are just fine on the laptop alone, but I really need the docking station and double monitors.

Strangely, I can write just find on the love seat with a laptop.

There's no question you can, but should you?
575 timehops
With the tattoo convention closing in, we tattooed the entire right side of my back on Friday. Similar to the zebra stripes on the left side, the right is a Lisa Frank-inspired rainbow of leopard print. The tattoo session was easier than the week before because it was done completely with shading needles, no outline required. But for some reason, the healing has been a lot worse.

Yesterday was the first day the weeping didn't completely soak that side of my shirt several times over throughout the day. There's a bit of gooeyness now, but it's mostly in the dry/tight/flaky stage.

I don't have a photo yet and there's really no point to this post except I wanted to share a tip: You can certainly tattoo the entire height of your back several inches across, but healing that is going to be many times worse than healing a regular tattoo. That's because when you have a tattoo that's surrounded by untouched skin, it doesn't matter that it's a little sensitive or tight. The whole side of your back? You can't bend, twist, or lift things without pain. You can't get comfortable. And it's very hard to moisturize that much.

It had to be done because of the deadline, but it's really thrown a wrench in my week. Guess the timing's good as I've had to stay in and work all morning every day this week so far.

Ink update
575 timehops
After the last of the previous batch of scheduled appointments, we put three more in the calendar. One last Friday, one this Friday, and one on August 3rd for the final touch-ups. Then we need to leave my back alone so it's healed completely and settled for the contest, which is on September 29th, the third and final day of the convention. I went ahead and booked Friday and Saturday night and will be in the full back contest (9/29 at 2pm) and the color portrait contest (9/27 at 8pm).

Thankfully they've changed the contest rules a bit. Now a tattoo can only be in one contest the entire weekend, and it costs $5 to enter a contest. The reason I'm relieved is that there were too many people in one of the contests I was in two years ago and it took forever. Glad to see that people have to be selective now and also show a little commitment by paying a small fee.

We got a lot done on Friday after finding some inspiration while image searching '80s Trapper Keepers.


I was really struggling, so he used a little vasocaine, which is a topical anesthetic specifically for tattooing. You can't use it ahead of time, though; it only works on broken skin. So he got the outline of the zebra stripes done, applied it and let it sit for ten minutes, and then got back to work. What a relief. I really love the way he made Rio's hair transition into the zebra stripes and his rainbow technique is masterful.

This week we'll do the other side with a similar treatment in leopard. Not sure if he has anything in mind to fill in around the DeLorean or if we'll have time to do it if he does. I'll have to wait and see.

I also have an appointment on August 2nd with Britney, one of the shop's apprentices. She hasn't tattooed me yet, so I decided to tap her for a tattoo of Lursa and B'etor from Star Trek.

I think her style will make for a really funny tattoo of them. The hard part has been providing good reference material. I searched a lot and was only able to find a little bit of fan art and not nearly as many screen caps as I figured there would be, probably because Klingon ships are always dimly lit. Looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.

Teamwork makes the dream work
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I didn't want to write about Pride Month in Snohomish County/Everett when I was asked to, but decided I should anyway so the piece would get written. The biggest issue was they asked after June 1st's Pride festival, and I didn't go to that anyway. We were at our friends Aengus and Blair's wedding, though, which was a nice way to kick the month off.

Thankfully I was able to get help from some friends. Performers wrote about the festival for me, and I got my friend who owns a gallery to write about the unofficial gay nights on Fridays at a local bar.

As with the Chew Crew posts I do with Erika and Melissa, it's a relief to not have to do everything myself. Please enjoy the post.

I love a parade
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Or at least, being in one, I finally learned. There's a 4th of July parade every year in Everett but we'd never been. I was invited to march with Live in Everett and that sounded really fun, so I immediately said yes.

First was a sign-making party on Tuesday at their office. I knew about it a week ahead of time but for some reason I hadn't thought about what to do. I finally decided on an acrostic. The sign ended up on the front of a Lime scooter.


I prepared for a sunny day with this umbrella hat. It turned out rain was more likely, but that never happened either.


Sierra made a fish head that Tyler wore. He was pretty miserable, poor guy.


I volunteered to carry the banner because it sounded like fun being right up front and I wouldn't have to hand out candy or the zines LiEv published. I shared the duty with my new friend Ashlynn.

Here's a group shot with just about everyone from our group. Unfortunately my friend Renee stepped away just before Garret suggested we take one.

There was a lot of love for Live in Everett coming from the crowd and it was great to put the name out there in front of such a huge crowd of potential new readers.

South by Southeast
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Of course the day after I said I wouldn't use Relive very often, I made a video the very next day. Japanese Gulch is a good place for it if you're exploring the trails, and it was interesting to see how close I came to the ball fields without really knowing that at the time.

It's a bummer that my Brinno ran out of battery power, the sunrise was pretty neat.


At least I got to see three deer!


And today's time lapse at the marina more than made up for it.


More goodies on IG and flickr. I think from now on I'll do fewer embeds in the blog posts. I take a lot of photos and I don't really like the process of flipping through each to get the embed code. Plus by looking at flickr you'll get a nice preview of things I'm up to for Live in Everett.

Orange bathroom update
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A while back at Zamarama, a local gallery, I saw a piece of art I liked. It was a little spendy at $250 for the orange bathroom, but I decided I might buy it if nobody else did when the show was over. Someone grabbed it on opening night. I mentioned that I'd liked it to Bill, the owner, and he checked with the artist and found out there were similar ones that were larger and smaller. I asked for the smaller one and Bill delivered it to the tattoo shop while I was there on Friday. I finally hung it today.

Lions at Night by Wolff Bowden

Now the ugly spots on the wall where the old towel rack are both covered, which is nice.

Can't contain it to one decade
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At my last tattoo session on Friday, Jimmy really wanted to fill in the top part of my back. We hadn't previously discussed that and he couldn't think of anything, but then had a flash of inspiration. We've been looking at the Solo Jazz cup pattern a lot because I want the cup on my leg, and he decided he'd really like to use that pattern to fill in the top.


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Some miles and a milestone
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I definitely picked a good time to retire Caturday and Schadenfriday, this last week has been crazy and it's not letting up for a couple more weeks. Setting aside Saturday morning for writing was the correct move. Garrett slept really late yesterday and rather than get bored waiting, I got busy writing. After wrapping up a piece I'd been working on for a while, I submitted it and counted once more to confirm what I thought: it was my 50th Live in Everett piece! Plus I have another three with the Chew Crew.

I'm really happy to have reached this milestone because when I looked back at my author page to confirm that's the correct amount, I saw some of my earlier posts and remembered how hard it used to be to think of stuff to write about and how frustrating it was to write about food by myself all the time. It's cool that Everett's in a small boom now and that I've assembled the Chew Crew so I can get a post on the blog about a restaurant without visiting it a few times.

And working with Melissa and Erika made me realize how smart it is to reach out for help when I need it. LiEv asked me to write about Pride Month after our festival already occurred, so I reached out to people who were there.

So anyway, busy week.

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Special bonus material
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The LiEv podcast we recorded at Bluewater last week came out this week. I'm glad they realized it'd be better if they involved the audience, and it was cool to hear everyone's favorite Everett memories.

I forgot to say the last part of mine, which would have tied it all up nicely. So if you listen, the part I meant to add is that our first Makers Market visit was at the space which is now Toggle's Bottle Shop, and the LiEv office is upstairs. I went back up later to add that and hoped Henry would edit it together, but he didn't.

'twas a good day to Fri
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When I backed out of the garage yesterday, it was sprinkling a little bit. I wasn't worried, but that was naive considering Thursday's weather, which included marble-sized hail! By the time I got a few blocks, it was raining a lot. If my new foot tattoos weren't still scabby, I'd have turned around, changed out of my walking gear, and gone swimming. I got completely soaked and very cold, and only did a couple of miles.

There's a lot to do at work lately but also a lot of waiting. It's the nature of the beast. I was excited while I waited to day to see that my new post on Live in Everett about Hat Island published.

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Fred in chair


SchadenFriday and Caturday are ending this week
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Recently I noticed almost all of the images in Caturday were coming from the same source, which meant the others had mostly dried up and it was time to find some new ones. When I went to search for some new ones, I realized I didn't really want to. And increasingly, I won't do things I don't want to if I don't have to. Like at work.

SchadenFriday's a different story. Almost all the gifs in it came via email from a friend. Those ebb and flow and some weeks when the file was empty, I'd go look for a few, but I never really cared for anything more than a passive process in RSS.

They've both been a lot of fun, but I'm stopping now before they're completely unfun. Not sure if there'll be a SchadenFriday at all this week as the file's empty now.

Live with LiEv
575 timehops
Live in Everett had their first podcast recording event this week at Bluewater Distilling. Of course I was excited to go and wore this appropriate old favorite t-shirt.


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