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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Movie Cliches
Person is asked to speak at career day and is made to feel like shit about their job and entire life.

Price check is needed on condoms.

Anyone who shouldn't be at the funeral always shows up, but stays far away.

If a male/female couple are talking in bed after sex, the blanket always goes up high enough to cover the woman's boobs but is pulled down on the man's side to expose his entire chest. 

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You should make a movie cliche blog.

The bathroom blog already takes enough time, money, and effort. Plus, they're getting harder and harder to think of.

There's one in the Turner Classic Movies fan section. It's broken down by category, e.g. Food Cliches:

All movie mothers will prepare a breakfast, usually consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, etc. Dad and the kids will invariably arrive at the table 30 seconds before Dad has to leave for the office and the kids have to catch the school bus. Each will have time only for a sip of coffee/juice and/or one bite of toast.

WFMU has a YouTube channel that actually shows various cliches as well.

That has ALWAYS pissed me off! I WANT TO EAT THE BACON.

I'm not familiar with the first.

The second happens with more than just condoms, also tampons, et al.

The variation on 3 is that the woman sleeps turned, mostly on her chest but hips turned rough to not be completely flat. Blanket exposes her bare back to show that the actually is topless without letting you see anything.

Every garage sale/yard sale/tag sale etc has some item of ridiculous value and importance.

You've never seen the career day thing? I just saw it on Dexter and the day before yesterday in the movie All About Steve.

I read it to mean that the person at career day knew, beforehand, that they were a dull boring person who didn't want to be there but felt obliged to do it for their kid.

I think "Daddy Day Care" features this but with a "redemption" scene where he goes to a second career day and is redeemed with his new life choice. I might be remembering this wrong, though.

The kinds of scenes I'm thinking of are ones where they are proud of their careers but the kids dissect their jobs and lives.

I can't think of a scene like that, but I guess you listed where that happens twice.

I can think of a couple of times where the protagonist didn't want to go to career day because they have a crappy job. It looks like this one may have sub-categories.

Price check is needed on condoms or tampons

Hey you were sorta in my dream this morning. I was in LA doing stuff and all I could think about was working a visit with you and Bryan into the schedule.

Thanks honey! I would of course love to see you anytime. I'm sorry I had to take a bit of a break from the list to power-focus on shit I need to get done IRL. I'll be back asap. I totally truly miss you.

Love. <3

Number 2 isn't a just cliche, it's a bored, disgruntled employee being malicious to their customers. =D

Women in sex scenes are almost never topless. I know it's kind of necessary for TV, but is it reality? Hopefully not. Also, sex only last for about 1 minute.

Also, sex only last for about 1 minute

That part is pretty accurate. ;)

Woman always orgasms just from penile penetration, and in about the first 10 seconds.

There is almost never oral nookie in the movies. I would hate to live in that world.

We call that world, "My First Marriage".

Addition to the funeral one:

Guy who's fault it is for the death always shows up on a motorcycle which is super loud, but no one notices as he drives by. Except sometimes the female lead who only notices AFTER the driver has started to drive away.

Guy gives girl a present in a small box from jeweler. She is expecting engagement ring, it is, in actuality, earrings.

Have you done that one?

I haven't. But I also haven't seen it. Or I forgot it.

All these entries are tagged so you can check them all out at once. :)

Oh! Oh! When a character opens a book, it ALWAYS opens to the page they want, or where they left off, even if there's no book mark.

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