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"Let's make a burrito!"

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  • 07:38 Praise Tesco! Death to public pajamas! bit.ly/d53O93 #
  • 07:59 For @gordreece bit.ly/9Uicrp #
  • 09:42 You dawg, I herd you like lakes and islands (sorry @scearley) bit.ly/9KYwzK #
  • 10:39 Today I asked someone to turn off her speakers so we didn't all hear when she gets an IM instead of blogging about it. How unSeattle of me. #
  • 13:31 They need to make a photobooth that does these bit.ly/933vQN It would be a huge hit #
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I think it's sad that a grocery store even needs to make a rule like that.

Sort of like it's sad that my old workplace actually had it in the employee agreement that clothing must be worn at all times while at work.

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