christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

I can tell by the pictures that I missed a really good time last night

I'm glad I did, though. The work week is always pretty tiring because I am never home during the evenings and don't head home until I get tired. However, I can't just come in and go right to bed, so I usually only sleep from 11:30 or midnight to 6am. Miki had a party for us on Friday night, which I was at from 6pm-midnight (with drinks flowing freely) so you can imagine how well I slept. By the time I got home from dinner yesterday I could barely stay awake, and I just woke up a little while ago from a good solid nine hours of much-needed rest.

Today I'll be cleaning and packing up until time to get ready for Valentine's Day dinner. 

Hugs and kisses for all of youses.

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