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This was going to be a poll, but it would have too many choices
Grumpy McGee
How do you write an 8? People think I'm weird because I start at the lower left, go up to the right, over the top counterclockwise, down to the bottom right, and then around clockwise to where I started.

If you draw two circles, please say where your circles start, which one you draw first, which direction you draw them, etc. Details!

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i actually used to do my eights that way too but they always ended up too top heavy, so i switched to starting at the top to bottom left.

Two circles, top first. Both circles start at the top.

Do you draw them clockwise or counterclockwise?

two circles, starting at the top middle, going counter-clockwise
repeat for the bottom circle.

*SOB* I thought I was the only one!

Start out like I'm drawing an "S", in the upper right, then join it back up.

I'm left-handed, if that makes any difference.

We draw 8's the same and therefore are now friends.

Deal with it!

Start at top and draw and S then complete the 8

I start at the upper left, clockwise on upper loop, counter on lower and then back up to finish off the upper loop.

I draw an 8 how you draw an 8. Why is that weird?

Beats me. It makes sense to start as many letters and numbers as possible in the lower left corner because that's how cursive works. Not that I can still write in cursive.

I start in the top right, go down clockwise and to the bottom left,under counter, and back up and around the top left and back to the start.

Every way I write it feels weird now, but I think it's usually two counterclockwise circles, top first. But I also usually block print instead of write in cursive. (People compliment my block printing, but that's just because they haven't seen how awful my writing is if I have to use lowercase or cursive.)

I draw two circles. I draw the top one first, starting at the top center, drawing counterclockwise. Then I repeat with the bottom one.

I actually write my 8s in different ways. I most often draw two circles, starting at the bottom.

I start at the top and go left.

Your way is upside down and backwards to me! Ha.

my mom does them the same way you do except she starts at the upper left. i think that looks weird because it creates a pointy corner in a number that's supposed to be all curves.

i start in the middle and go clockwise, like i'm drawing a backwards “S”.

also i would just like to say that i cross my 7s and i think it looks way more awesome that way.

how bizarre, nobody else starts in the middle.

also i think drawing two circles is retarded because it feels like you're doing twice as much work.

I do it literally opposite of you.
You're right handed, aren't you.

I start at the right of the first circle, counterc to the left, down to the right of the bottom circle, then clockwise to the left, then back to the start.

i start at top right and make my way down to bottom left before a counter-clockwise loop. from there it's lower right to upper left and over the top for the connection.

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