christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Boxes, dust, etc

I hate that I have to take frequent breaks from packing because my back starts to hurt so much. Guess it's time to resume physical therapy. Luckily there's plenty of room on the floor in my room at the new place for it.

Today has been a real trip. I'm throwing away and giving away so much stuff. Lots of it never really mattered, and some of it doesn't matter any more. While it feels like I'm throwing little pieces of my heart away sometimes, the rest of it is swelling with joy and filling in the holes. 

I've packed all the books and movies I'm keeping, and most of the bric-a-brac. All of the artwork is taken down except for the really heavy stuff and the posters which have to be covered with paper on the back and rolled. I just took down the chest of drawers I was borrowing from the management by myself, which is why I'm taking a break long enough to type this. Ow.

All that's left is to go through my closet, which is mostly old ugly clothes which don't fit anyway, and a few things I'll want to keep, which are mostly already packed up in boxes or bags anyway. Convenient! The kitchen isn't started yet, but Garrett and I have to go through all that stuff together to see what goes along in the move and what gets left on the free table downstairs.

It's so weird to go down there and see stuff I've left down there laying around for others to claim. I get a small glimpse of my life, with all the context removed. 

Everything really turned around for me while I was living in this building, but now that I'm leaving it, I'm finally leading the life I came here to live. 

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