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Important battle of the sexes stuff

Poll #1545723 Make me a sandwich

If I ask you to make a Peanut butter sandwich, what would you put in it?

peanut butter
peanut butter and jelly

Here is the 

Miki: if I ask you to make a Peanut butter sandwich, what would you put in it?

christopher575: bread, peanut butter

Miki: no jelly?

christopher575: that would be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Miki: hmm ok thanks. There has been a long discussion about this topic with Doug.
so just wondering!

christopher575: so which side are you on?

Miki: I would put jelly on. But Doug says just peanut butter
because boys are dumb and forget to put jelly!

christopher575: yeah, we always call that "peanut butter and jelly"
that way, if you want just peanut butter, you can say "peanut butter"

Miki: this whole thing started because my old co-worker asked her bf for a peanut butter sandwish and he ONLY put peanut butter
she thought that was dumb and I agreed, but Doug didn't agree

christopher575: he did the right thing
If he had put jelly you could just as easily say "If I wanted jelly I would ask for it!"

Miki: no he didn't!
but really, who would just eat peanut butter on bread?

christopher575: Someone who asks for it that way.
Seriously, you women need to just start asking for what you want so you don't have excuses to complain about your men

Miki: LOL!

christopher575: Besides, it should be YOU making a sandwich for HIM ;)

Miki: oh hell no
he makes ME one

christopher575: So glad I'm gay

Miki: hahaha!!!!!!!
ask Garrett the same question, would ya? :)

christopher575: will do
but he'll say what I said

Miki: just ask, plz!!

christopher575: Yes, tonight. And I will once again prove that women like to set men up to fail


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