christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

First World Problem Faux Pas

I've often said that I think a lot of bus stop shelters should be torn down because nobody who actually plans to ride the bus gets to use them. Many of them just become club houses for the homeless or a place to duck into for a quick little cracky smokey. Because of this, I typically shuffle past them, especially on cold, rainy days when I probably shouldn't be walking to work but don't want to break-a my stride with this whole walking thing.

I also don't wear my glasses in the rain. It just bugs me so much to have my field of vision all littered with little drips of water, only to have to try to wipe them all off without leaving any streaks once I get inside. Right now I have a pair at work and a pair at home, and those are pretty much the only places I'm wearing them.

And I always wear my iPod if I'm alone in public, because almost nobody has anything to say to me that I want to hear.

But I guess I should look really closely, remove an earbud, and slow down a bit if someone waves from a bus shelter, because it could end up being someone super cool just trying to say hi, and if that's the case, my little "no no no" shaking of the head as I walk by without stopping is totally inappropriate.

So, drinkyclown, if that was you at the bus stop, I do apologize. Luckily in this day and age we can direct-message 140-character apologies on Twitter and pen elegant mea culpas on blogs.

And if that wasn't you, I stand by my no-no-no shake-and-shuffle!


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