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Back on the 6th, I purchased a voucher for $50 worth of food and drink for $20 at Shilla on LivingSocial. Fine and dandy, but I sent it to Garrett as a gift certificate and he never saw an email from them.

On the 10th, I sent an email to their support. They replied without really saying anything but there was a PDF attached. I didn't actually look at it until today, because we're planning on going tonight, and for some reason it was a screenshot of their outgoing email to us, which we obviously couldn't use.

So today I replied to that message and pointed out what the PDF was. They replied again, without saying anything, but with a voucher attached.

Of course I had to go and read it wrong, and thought it expired the day I paid instead of one year later. I even typed the date out in my reply to them. How embarrassing. But it's fine, we now have the voucher and it's good for nearly a year, but we're going to use it tonight.

They need to send emails out when they're supposed to and then reply with more than just a signature.

And I need to read dates more carefully.

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