christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Good things today

I don't get sick or vacation time, but each time I complete 1,500 hours of work I get a week's pay as a bonus. We can set it aside and have them pay it out if we take time off, but I decided to have it sent to me immediately, and I used it to pay off my credit card. See, this card was always just supposed to be used to conveniently pay bills, but at some point I let the balance creep up toward the limit and have been having to make payments to make room for bills ever since. Because I'm cohabitating now, I'm able to manage my money a little better, and got it more than halfway paid off in the last month or so. And today I was able to kill it!

I also finally took the time to look up my dental benefits, find a convenient dentist, and schedule an exam and a cleaning. There were tons to choose from, but I noticed one is in the same building as an old employer, and their suite number is the same as the address of another old employer, and everyone on Yelp loves them, so I called.

I haven't been to the dentist since 2001 when my wisdom teeth started to hurt. Before that, I hadn't been since middle school, some time around 1986. Impressively, I had no new cavities in 2001. It feels like I probably will this time, though. 

It's also Full Circle Farms produce box day! We get one every other Thursday, and this time I finally set aside some time to customize it so I won't get anything I don't really want.

And I added a bar of chai chocolate from their grocery section. :)

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