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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Breakfast naan

Breakfast naan, originally uploaded by christopher575.

Naan with shredded white cheddar, leftover grilled pork cooked into an egg with soy sauce, and bean sprouts.

I've really outdone myself.

In case it's not obvious, this was eaten folded over.

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never thought of bean sprouts as breakfast food but hay to each their own.
you eat too much cheese!

You are jealous of my cheese.

And there was literally no dairy at all in the meal I spent all those hours making yesterday. None.

Also I'm just trying to get through this huge brick of white cheddar. I needed some for a recipe and the large brick size was the only choice at the store. :(

make a big batch of mac and cheese.

I love how you say I eat too much cheese and then you're all "eat the rest with a bunch of carbs!" lol

sorry to be knockin so hard on cheese. yesterday i was at breakfast and they had this linguisa omelette that supposed to be topped with jack cheese and i was thinking how much the cheese would kill the flavor of the omelette.

I love your plates.

And your plating.

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