christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

The hits keep coming

I never received a confirmation email after I ordered my phone. A While later, I got an email saying my order was pending and I had to confirm it by clicking the link from their previous email. One which did not exist. And yes, I did a very thorough search for it. All my email is forwarded from one domain to another so I had to check both.

After a few tries I was connected to a support agent via chat. He tried to tell me that the email would be coming later, and I said I didn't buy it because the current email referred to one that had already been sent, and it was basically a reminder.

He tried to tell me to just let the order sit in pending until it canceled itself and just go buy a phone at the store. I explained that I went to the store first and there wouldn't be any new phones for a couple of weeks or so.

Then he tried to say that there should be only one email and I was obviously just not finding the link. I pasted the email text in and showed how it refers to a previous message, and reassured him the only things clickable in there were my own email address and the accessories they were trying to get me to buy.

He eventually said that my order was cleared and didn't actually need an approval, but couldn't explain how it got that way or why I didn't get the mail. What he did say was that it's not possible to re-send mails like that.

So hopefully he's right and I'll have a phone someday.

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