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  • 07:10 This is why I always keep my phone in my pocket. #
  • 07:34 Oh please please please yes please! RT @FEARnet: Lauren Graham for 'Scream 4'? #
  • 08:18 RT @ryanqnorth: This is awesome. X-Ray pinups: (NSFW? I GUESS??) #
  • 09:35 Just went to Urban Dictionary to stake my claim for a dirty sex term and someone there already used the same term for something funnier. :( #
  • 10:28 You'd think we'd hear more about what Mexico thinks about the BP disaster. #
  • 11:31 Flash in the pan: Bros Icing Bros (dot com) is already gone! (@knitpurl I'm still gonna getcha) #
  • 12:00 Did you know that the star ratings you see on Netflix are their guess for you and not the average rating? See the text below. (that's dumb) #
  • 12:56 How am I only just now hearing "Bitchin' Camaro" for the first time? I've been aware of it since high school. #
  • 13:09 I walked 1.9mi in 0:37:19 (19:26 min/mi) using @runstar #runstar #
  • 14:10 Celebrity DUIs are stupid. What's the point of being rich if you don't have a limo? #
  • 15:06 Singular: ho. Plural: hoes. Use it instead of ho's and hos. It's like party/parties. #
  • 22:00 They need to release Veronica's Closet on DVD. #
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