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Relevant to my daily routine

Every day when I get a media plan or a report on what's running sent to me, I have to reformat it quite a bit to make it so I can see what I need to see and omit what I don't. Otherwise I'd be scrolling way too much and would probably get stuff wrong. Ever since I worked with [info]jameth, I've preferred my rows in Excel to be 11.25 pixels high. When I tap the top left corner to select the whole sheet and then right click to choose Row Height from the menu, I always sing those first six Super Mario notes in my head as I type 1 1 . 2 5 [enter]. Every damn time.

Today randomly in RSS I saw a guy playing the Super Mario music (with sound effects) on a violin live while someone played, then I saw this.

Maybe I should get some overalls.


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