christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Five questions from thisiserika

1) what is your favorite thing about you and garrett together?

I love how easy it is to be with him and have fun. We laugh a lot, and he makes me very happy. 

2) what is your favorite food/restaurant/home-cooked meal?

My favorite cuisine is Vietnamese, and if I had to choose one dish it would probably be bun, which is a vermicelli salad bowl. My favorite restaurant is Long Provincial because they serve really amazing Vietnamese at very reasonable prices in a totally cool atmosphere. It'd be hard to choose a favorite home cooked meal, but I make pretty fierce pizzas and wedge salads.

3) why do you love living in seattle?

I love that you can quite easily live without a car here, and that it's cool and cloudy for much of the year. The restaurant and bar scene is also excellent.

4) what is your favorite tattoo?

That's a really tough choice, because I've got four really great ones. I'll choose my seahorse skeleton, because I came up with the concept myself, and Thomas drew it perfectly based on my sketch and by listening to what I wanted, and it came out so great.

5) do you have cats because you're a cat person? if so, why are you a cat person?

I never had a cat until moving in with Garrett. He has already had Sam and Fred for years, and I love them to death. I kinda always wanted a cat, but never wanted the responsibility or commitment while I lived alone. Being together with him and them is great.

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