christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

From Twitter 07-23-2010

  • 06:51:10: They should have invited Snooki.
  • 08:17:01: Why did BoingBoing post so much old stuff yesterday? And why did that hinder my ability to type?
  • 08:26:39: They're doing Friday midnight movies at Pacific Place now. Tonight is Shaun of the Dead.
  • 09:06:57: Seattle: where no new transit option will be good enough because it doesn't go six blocks further than the budget allows.
  • 10:05:55: I disagree with this awesome tattoo's inclusion on Ugliest Tattoos.
  • 10:06:37: Oh wait, it's a "non-ugly tattoo" submission.
  • 12:35:57: Girogio Armani looks better in a speedo at 76 than a lot of us would now. Fashion is powerful stuff.
  • 12:51:13: RT @unicornbooty: $50 is a lot of tasty tapas from @livingroombar. Your comment on Unicorn Booty enters you... |
  • 14:12:48: Orange crossing flags at a fully-signaled intersection with a real crosswalk. Montlake is a nervous neighborhood.
  • 15:31:24: It's sad when you can't tell if someone's in a commercial because they're famous or because they're not famous any more.

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