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From Twitter 08-02-2010

  • 09:22:31: After all these years, people still use the Atari 2600 Pac-Man death sound.
  • 09:46:30: I used to think I was smart. Then I tried to update an imdb page.
  • 10:01:51: RT @rupaulsdragu Hollywood mom Kris Kardashian-Jenner joins the on RuPaul’s #DragU tonight at 9/8c!
  • 11:26:04: SeaWC: Their colors are "blush" and "bashful".
  • 11:45:50: Everyone! Everyone! Stop saying "there's no crying in _____" It's totally played.
  • 14:40:29: I would pay good money to watch an Ina Garten/Maggie Gallgher cage match.
  • 17:01:16: I want this kite something fierce. It would hang on my wall when not in use.
  • 21:29:22: I want a ringtone of Paula Deen saying "spiral ham" over and over.

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