christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Does anyone remember this?

I asked a couple of people close to my age last night if they remembered this, and they just looked at me like I had a dog bone in my mouth. Does anyone remember the shampoo that came with a plastic diamond inside? It was to show how thick and luxurious the shampoo was by flipping the bottle over and watching it float down.

This is the kind of thing that I'd have called my mom to ask about. She'd remember.

Here's who I think might remember, and why:

cecilgene, because he has a Pearl Drops user icon, and that's totally the same era

Alonzave (the Bennifer name I just made up for moroccomole and djmrswhite) because they know everything. And yes, I know it should be an S instead of a Z, but I wanted to ensure proper pronunciation.

gordreece, because he probably stole the plastic diamond out of his mom's shampoo to put in his urethra for kicks

cattycritic, because she remembers even more obscure shampoo stuff than I do, which I know because she made a Short n' Sassy reference one time that sailed directly over my head. She's traveling, though.

And yes, I googled. Of course.

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