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From Twitter 10-21-2010

  • 06:17:34: Do people commute to jog and take the bus back home all sweaty? Is that a thing?
  • 07:24:14: Way to go, tin foil hat crowd.
  • 08:23:40: Either my ctrl key or my pinky is giving out. Lots of trouble copying and pasting.
  • 08:36:51: Smith Tower residence photo slideshow
  • 09:34:38: Best halloween costume idea I've seen in years.
  • 12:47:54: People always complain that postage on ballots should be free, but it's not like there was ever a limo to take them to their polling places.
  • 14:31:00: I wonder if there was an intense rivalry between Stars on 45 and Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers.
  • 15:20:34: Just searched Google Maps for Cracker Barrel and it asked if I meant @hotel_max. Huh.
  • 15:36:06: Was just approached by the DOT on the bus to take a survey, starting on an iPad with more later online. Clever!

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