christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Nice, very nice

tattoobymike, originally uploaded by christopher575.

I've been wondering for a while what should go on the rest of my right arm. That's the one with the seahorse skeleton. Inspired by the one hanging near Alan's store, I decided to go for a big ol' squid, and entropic_system said he would draw it for me!

This as it is is super cool, but to get it to cover the amount of skin it needs to cover, there are going to be some minor changes. My plan is to have the body cover one side of my forearm, so probably what's going to happen is to make the smaller tentacles a lot more exaggerated and twisty to cover my upper arm. Think 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea stuff all clutching a ship, only no ship.

I definitely like the direction this is going. Thanks, Mike!

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