christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

From Twitter 11-09-2010

  • 00:29:08: The new Chelsea Lately theme song is the New Coke of music. @chelseahandler, please switch to the Classic version ASAP.
  • 09:13:05: Today's @unicornbooty would be a perfect gay wedding present. For me, I mean.
  • 09:13:32: (re: previous tweet, that's an attempt to win, not a hint that anyone should buy)
  • 11:56:25: Tune in now for Lip Locked by the ever fabulous @annakisss (I hear there's a wedding dedication for me today!)
  • 12:07:28: RT @jonaddams: Atheist steals $83,000 and then buys thousands of dollars worth of porn. Haha, just kidding, it was a priest. http://bit. ...
  • 12:40:25: The thing I notice most on the red carpet that people need to stop doing is wearing stuff that matches their skin tone too closely.
  • 13:13:53: omg YES YES YES! RT @RL_Wood: Angry Birds updated with 45 new levels!
  • 15:46:35: [BRONNIE]
  • 18:50:32: Don't Date Daddy #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:07:08: Trivial Fursuit @GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:08:26: Connect One #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:08:54: CandyGland #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:15:52: Barrel of Junkies #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:16:39: Floss Across #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:22:41: Misery Date #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:26:15: Settlers of Rattan #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:27:24: Excite Mike #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:30:52: Shits and Bladders #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:31:16: Nahtzee #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:32:28: Accordion Hero #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:37:59: Legend of Zelda Rubinstein #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:39:06: Dance Dance Constipation #GamesNoOneWants
  • 19:57:49: Family Nude #GamesNoOneWants

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