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From Twitter 11-12-2010

Please note, These times are an hour off and I was talking about a dude walking down the street talking on the phone at 5:44am.

And another thing, there's this intersection in Montlake, where seriously half the people who go by are on their phones while they drive. I must document this sometime.

  • 06:44:33: Seriously, why is anyone talking on their phones this early?
  • 09:15:18: Gwyneth Paltrow wears the world's most expensive wigs in movies and then has really bad ponytail dent on Glee.
  • 11:00:38: It's like you are killing them! RT @ebertchicago: I always feel funny using hotel towels folded into cute little animals.
  • 11:21:12: Oops that was for @moonrock. Skull dents are different than ponytail dents. RT @jseattle: @christopher575 Um, what? what about skull dents?
  • 14:42:09: People need to stop referring to all wearing of costumes as "cosplay".

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