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This is a good dinner and you should make it

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Grab one Russet potato for each person being served, scrub them clean, dry them, and rub them with olive oil and sea salt. Bake them on the rack in your oven with a foil-lined cookie sheet on the rack below, just in case there are any drippings. Leave them in for 60-80 minutes, depending on how fluffy you like them.

While those are baking, prepare a pan of taco meat. Just grab a package of hamburger and a package of taco seasoning, and follow the directions on the seasoning package. This should take about 35-40 minutes, so set a timer for 40 minutes when you start baking the potatoes and that will let you know when you get started on the meat. 

While you are in the "simmah down now" phase of taco meat production, set up a buffet of things you like to eat on tacos. Last night, I put out sour cream, sharp cheddar shreds, a small can of green chile, some cherub tomatoes, and some chopped lettuce.

When the potatoes are ready, take yours on your plate, cut it in half lengthwise, and cut those halves in half again, which will give you four nice spears of potato. Dress these with your favorite taco toppings. Since there are four spears, you can try different combinations in each group of two.

This was Garrett's idea, to make tacos, but to use baked potatoes instead of taco shells. And it was hella good. It shall henceforth be called:


I didn't take a picture of mine because the top was all just lettuce. But it was good.

Oh hay frogger414, I got the Progressive lettuce keeper and I'm totally excited!

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