christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

From Twitter 12-01-2010

  • 09:05:39: I need to keep a cool hat in my backpack for when I have a bad hair day. Today, for example.
  • 12:24:21: Eating chips with a fork is fun because I enjoy small challenges and also not touching certain foods.
  • 12:25:20: We had joy, we had fun, we ate sweet pickles in the sun. Ok, it was just me, and it was just one sweet pickle. But there was joy and fun.
  • 12:30:23: There's a lot to be embarrassed about from the '90s, but I think the fonts are the worst.
  • 14:12:38: I've had the My So-Called Life theme stuck in my head since my post about bad '90s fonts earlier. Must fix with Information Society.
  • 14:18:46: "Since you followed Information Society, you might also want to follow Dave Navarro". Right.
  • 16:45:09: Headed to Whole Foods to look for quinoa. No, really.
  • 17:45:26: The owner of the restaurant where I had my wedding reception is losing his house. Everyone please eat there lots.
  • 17:59:49: Using a giant stone mortar and pestle to mash an avocado is overkill.
  • 19:00:50: We haven't heard from Cindy McCain since her DADT flip-flop. Maybe she's done trying to have opinions cuz it's like hard and stuff.
  • 19:07:07: I wish I would have bought the Desperately Seeking Susan jacket when they used to sell it on TV.
  • 20:05:58: Don't add -tini to anything longer than two syllables.

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