christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 07:09:38: Thought I smelled Red Bull and then realized someone was drinking one six feet away. Gross.
  • 08:24:29: I'm sad about the fading relevance of the "needle pulled off the record" sound.
  • 11:37:28: What's the deal with all this "damn you, autocorrect" stuff? Nobody looks before sending?
  • 12:01:55: RT @AnnaKiss: Anna Kiss' Lip Locked show is on now on - Get Lip Locked on for some #Tech #House #Electro #Dubst ...
  • 12:15:48: I wish I would have known Lip Locked would start 15 minutes late, would have grabbed some lunch! #FWP
  • 12:45:36: lol ok RT @RL_Wood: Come join me at Specialty's 505 5th Ave S, Seattle. I'll be picking up my "Turkey & Cranberry" sandwich at 11:59 AM.
  • 13:07:32: They should have Glamour Shots for cats.
  • 14:03:00: I wonder if the movie No Strings Attached will start big debates about friends with benefits
  • 15:52:59: Don't you hate when it seems like a browser window you're refreshing isn't really refreshing?
  • 16:07:01: That thing where you think someone in a car sees you lip synching so you pretend to sneeze dramatically.
  • 16:09:13: Is there a word for frozen mud?
  • 16:18:28: Technotronic should reunite (before the night is over)
  • 16:21:18: Dude on the bus has Vision Street Hair.
  • 16:59:24: I was excited to see where the trail of colored paperclips led, but there were only two.
  • 17:00:37: Can a haiku be / too long to fit on twitter? / where's my research grant?
  • 20:52:02: This has been in my head all day because of @OPRAHHATPARTY, finally listening to it.
  • 21:18:20: You've never even seen the show! RT @badrobot68: I just unlocked the "RuPaul's Drag Race" badge on @foursquare!

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