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From Twitter 01-12-2011

  • 10:31:42: YouTube needs a repeat button so I don't have to keep re-starting "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" by Jermaine Stewart.
  • 10:51:59: I'm surprised "Governor" Sarah Palin hasn't gotten tired of whatever it is she's doing and quit by now.
  • 12:26:25: Dammit, my boxers are on backwards.
  • 12:45:40: People seem to have changed from being "I can't believe it's already (year)" to "ooh looky (year) has cool numbers" now.
  • 13:47:28: Dude in front of me at the cafeteria cash register bought two NOS energy drinks and three meal bars. Gross.
  • 14:39:45: Shepard Fairey–AP Obama Lawsuit Settled [Updated]
  • 14:45:58: Only $250?
  • 15:01:11: This should have influence my dancing more but then this came along
  • 15:15:05: Jenny McCarthy: "lalalalalala can't hear you lalalala"
  • 17:25:49: It's 2011, they should have invented buses that instantly filter farts out of the air by now. #milliondollaridea
  • 17:29:14: Today's tweets are brought to you by the letter R. Turns out, it's a very important letter.

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