christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

From Twitter 01-15-2011

  • 12:31:03: I dig Brunch at Bobby's on Cooking Channel by MY GOD the opening is cheesy.
  • 12:42:47: The girl on the Rhapsody commercials seems totally cool.
  • 13:24:59: Please, get rid of it. RT @VeloBusDriver: Interesting... Metro studying effects of eliminating @RideFreeArea
  • 14:20:18: Had peas with breakfast and lunch today. Hope they make an appearance at dinner, too. PEAS
  • 14:23:31: Amber Waves #baddragname (cc @rupaulsdragrace)
  • 15:24:23: Shopping for a cast iron skillet because that is the sort of thing I do on weekends now.
  • 16:25:10: Just saw a lady waring stirrup legwarmers outside her shoes. The future of fashion has arrived.
  • 21:03:17: Watching Aeon Flux (the movie) and wondering why Frances McDormand isn't acting much these days.

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