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From Twitter 01-16-2011

  • 08:16:06: RT @JohnFugelsang: Allow me to recommend Pro Wrestling for all you guys who just can't make the leap to gay porn.
  • 09:01:38: Haha, just deleted the photo posts from my sent gmail, freed up 1,788 MB.
  • 13:36:06: RT @OPRAHHATPARTY No white shoes after I throw all your white shoes away
  • 20:29:26: Just checked my 2010 LiveJournal archives and see that only four days have no posts. Booya.
  • 20:51:29: Capitol One Venture Card Viking Dude = hawtttt
  • 22:20:51: Not sure why they made Melissa d'Arabian participate in the money saving week on food network. Her show is, yeah, kinda already that.
  • 22:35:54: The future needs to get here already so I can have computer-controlled wallpaper. Oh and I guess the holodeck.

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