christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

From Twitter 01-19-2011

  • 07:48:05: Picture if an atheist governor was all "I'll do my job but I think the christians are shitheads."
  • 08:14:01: I wonder what percentage of people read "hook and loop" and don't know it's Velcro.
  • 14:49:09: I wish I could be like Outlook and just say "not responding" when someone asks me to do something I'm not in the mood for.
  • 17:55:00: I wonder if there has ever been a Halloween in my lifetime where no girls I knew dressed as a cat.
  • 18:06:12: Oh I forgot to update a few weeks ago, I tried mascarpone. Wasn't into it but would try another brand and also in recipes.
  • 18:08:35: I hate the strained, whiny voices people use in commercials for headache medicine.
  • 21:04:22: Last night's episode of The Fashion Show RULED. Really liked how they embraced the "lip synch for your life" format.

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