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From Twitter 01-20-2011

  • 07:05:49: Reality competition shows make me notice stuff. The Arrangement made me realize how ridiculously opulent the flowers on Cougar Town are.
  • 08:44:12: No 3D movie will ever be better than Final Destination 4. They may as well stop trying.
  • 10:12:51: #HeMightBeGay so you shouldn't presume your son is straight until you hear otherwise.
  • 11:38:40: Act like an idiot, sue people for noticing! (bet nobody would have ever recognized her from the video)
  • 12:36:38: BREAKING: Outing yourself as a moron to the world can lead to the world knowing you might be a credit card thief
  • 12:56:08: Smart quotes are dumb.
  • 15:03:11: More stuff like the Tori Amos cereal commercial pzl.
  • 15:21:05: Office chairs should have three casters instead of five so there's more room for your feet down thar.
  • 16:07:46: Shoes I ordered yesterday from Zappos are out for delivery today. Impressive!
  • 16:10:36: How did we go from awesome words like "cassingle" to stupid ones like "tweeps"? (Though I will admit I don't hate "twitches")
  • 16:27:50: Oh look it's like you're having a picnic in the bus how cuteFUCK YOUUUUUUU
  • 18:03:35: .@scearley I just realized "taco bar" is an anagram of "acrobat".
  • 18:18:05: Just heard about shirataki for the first time. Must investigate.
  • 18:21:39: Food Network's ratings are sagging a bit. Kinda makes sense, though, since they launched a second network.
  • 21:29:17: Doors at 8:00 my ass!
  • 21:30:37: Like it would kill these assholes to open the bar area while they get the stage area ready.
  • 21:37:20: Ok club is open, bar is closed, miniature bar area is open. Sigh.

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