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"Let's make a burrito!"

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From Twitter 01-20-2011

  • 07:05:49: Reality competition shows make me notice stuff. The Arrangement made me realize how ridiculously opulent the flowers on Cougar Town are.
  • 08:44:12: No 3D movie will ever be better than Final Destination 4. They may as well stop trying.
  • 10:12:51: #HeMightBeGay so you shouldn't presume your son is straight until you hear otherwise.
  • 11:38:40: Act like an idiot, sue people for noticing! http://bit.ly/iiOh7m (bet nobody would have ever recognized her from the video)
  • 12:36:38: BREAKING: Outing yourself as a moron to the world can lead to the world knowing you might be a credit card thief http://bit.ly/gMytOB
  • 12:56:08: Smart quotes are dumb.
  • 15:03:11: More stuff like the Tori Amos cereal commercial pzl.
  • 15:21:05: Office chairs should have three casters instead of five so there's more room for your feet down thar.
  • 16:07:46: Shoes I ordered yesterday from Zappos are out for delivery today. Impressive!
  • 16:10:36: How did we go from awesome words like "cassingle" to stupid ones like "tweeps"? (Though I will admit I don't hate "twitches")
  • 16:27:50: Oh look it's like you're having a picnic in the bus how cuteFUCK YOUUUUUUU
  • 18:03:35: .@scearley I just realized "taco bar" is an anagram of "acrobat".
  • 18:18:05: Just heard about shirataki for the first time. Must investigate.
  • 18:21:39: Food Network's ratings are sagging a bit. Kinda makes sense, though, since they launched a second network.
  • 21:29:17: Doors at 8:00 my ass!
  • 21:30:37: Like it would kill these assholes to open the bar area while they get the stage area ready.
  • 21:37:20: Ok club is open, bar is closed, miniature bar area is open. Sigh.

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@11:38:30, 12:36:38 - this is obviously someone who has a really hard time imagining that her actions have, you know, consequences.

@15:21:05 the reason they don't even have 4 any more is because it's not that hard to tip over if you accidentally lean back directly between the feet (like if you push the chair back and the rollers get stuck). With three you'd be falling on your ass all the time. Not that I have any direct experience with that.

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