christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

From Twitter 01-24-2011

  • 08:34:56: Staking my claim now for the drag name Crystal Trophy, from this season's two-part finale of Jerseylicious.
  • 10:08:02: Honestly if I had a time machine I'd use it to go to shows like The Movement and AB Logic.
  • 14:10:08: Agent Olivia Dunham: Emo Bitch
  • 15:33:31: BRING ME...THE KEYTAR!
  • 16:14:43: I think I might be a hollaback girl. Is there a test? The lyrics suggest a stool sample may be in order.
  • 16:23:21: I like walking toward the back of the bus as it moves forward and pretending I moonwalk really well.
  • 16:36:26: I think my iPod knows its replacement is on the way, judging by this passive-aggressive shuffle it is serving up.
  • 22:14:39: Still waiting for important Miley Cyrus bong updates, what's the holdup?
  • 22:16:28: Oh that was fast. "Miley Cyrus Watch (@MileyCyrusWatch) is now following your tweets (@christopher575) on Twitter."

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