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From Twitter 01-31-2011

  • 09:19:08: Which is a better drag name, Crystal Trophy or Crystal Chalice? I'm leaning toward Trophy, my original choice.
  • 09:51:14: Maybe I've been too hard on Olivia Dunham. I'd be grumpy, too, if I had stupid bangs to grow out.
  • 09:55:40: Not into the "I'm gas / I'm electric" ripoff of Apple ads but at least the gas dude's easy on the eyes.
  • 11:12:57: YES! RT @ChopTedAllen: You asked for it: Food announces Chopped All-Stars series INCLUDING our judges at the stoves!
  • 12:52:56: Haha whooops, almost just posted satire as a news link.
  • 13:18:11: If I say someone has "Greatest American Hair" will people get that I'm talking about The Greatest American Hero? "Greatest American Afro"?
  • 14:08:37: Winnie Peg #baddragnames
  • 15:35:48: Lots of TV commercials these days look like they were shot on cheap cameras. Wish print/web would follow the lead and ditch stock photos.
  • 15:47:23: My beard has gone from "neglected" to "kinda epic". I want to see how far I can take this.

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