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Dinner, originally uploaded by christopher575.

All of this is homemade. Up top there's banh hoi (rice noodle cakes) with scallion oil alongside bean sprouts with mint. Down to the left there's pickled vegetables (cucumber, carrot, onions, radishes) and on the right, some chicken I marinated in lemon juice, soy sauce, hoisin, and Sri Racha.

Not pictured, nuoc cham dipping sauce.


  • Movie cliche

    Person refuses to leave the hospital in a wheelchair even though it's hospital policy.

  • Movie cliche

    The danger in a situation such as a car chase is exaggerated by the presence of nuns, either walking as a group or traveling in a bus.

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    - Person on foot is able to catch up to person in car by cutting through multiple backyards - Strangers who were just arrested are handcuffed next…

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