christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

From Twitter 03-11-2011

  • 08:17:42: Yay! "Improvements" rolled out on my work software!
  • 17:02:25: I don't understand why cooking show hosts never use rice cookers.
  • 20:53:44: It's sad when you hear a song and think, maybe they should have autotuned it.
  • 21:11:24: I want to watch a Portland double feature. Body of Evidence and Mr. Brooks. Yes, I've seen them both. Yes, I liked them.
  • 21:47:29: Movies I have had to buy because Netflix doesn't have them: Millenium (Kristofferson, Ladd), The Telephone (Goldberg), Cracking Up (Lewis).
  • 21:58:17: I haven't heard about any dance crazes in a while. Are there still dance crazes?
  • 22:15:34: Watching Comedy Central Presents: Margaret Smith and realizing she really looks and sounds a lot like Roseanne.

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