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From Twitter 03-30-2011

  • 06:42:05: Forgot to buy granola so I will be trying work breakfast for the first time today.
  • 07:22:56: RT @tobyclick: The makers of Crocs are donating 100,000 shoes to Japan. Haven't they suffered enough already?
  • 07:35:47: Listening to @citizenradio talk about the upcoming trainwreck (ha!) that is the Atlas Shrugged movie. #citizenradio
  • 09:08:14: It took me this long to figure out that "whuck" is long for "WTF".
  • 09:56:52: RT @FEARnet: Ten Scary PG / PG-13 Horror Flicks That Don't Suck
  • 10:14:01: Worst brain fart I've had in a while, I had to look up Lorelai and Rory's last name from the GILMORE Girls. (It's Gilmore.)
  • 11:10:25: AMC: We have the best shows and we wait a year between seasons.
  • 14:49:49: Take a critical look at the Ina Garten/Make-a-Wish kerfuffle. Should people who turn Make-a-Wish down be publicly shamed? I say, no.
  • 16:40:01: Kia Mesothelioma #FailedCarModels
  • 16:51:03: T-rex arms are tiny and not very useful. Pictures of t-rexes playing guitars are stupid.
  • 17:11:37: Real World update: Sean (Boston) and Rachel (San Francisco) can't make it on $174,000 a year.

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