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From Twitter 04-01-2011

  • 08:30:43: .@knitpurl you got the wrong song! ♫
  • 09:31:57: My neighbors have a chandelier that's so bright, I may have to close the blinds.
  • 10:28:19: RT @ClassyAssKyle: The mother who wouldn't let me take her daughter to my senior prom came up to me at work and asked how I've been. I said "gay"
  • 11:03:57: If your car alarm goes for more than 10 seconds they should take your car and your license.
  • 11:10:23: Listening to the amazing comedy CD Zombie Jesus by @jamiekilstein. No, I won't make you a copy. Get one:
  • 11:50:13: If I set a car on fire will the alarm stop?
  • 12:22:34: My cat can choose from two beds, a couch, a recliner, or a cat tower, and he's on a wooden end table.
  • 12:31:29: Tax Havens: Bigger Than You Think, Closer to Home Than You Imagine | The Nation
  • 14:48:24: Dear work software, quit being SUCH A LITTLE BITCH OMGGGGGGG. Yours, Christopher.
  • 15:46:29: Not gonna watch the "two baby boys have a conversation" video, no matter how many times it shows up in my RSS reader. I'll watch "Friday".
  • 17:48:37: If you like yourself, go to Tommy Gun and order the jar o' pickled vegetables.

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