christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Don't sublimate that craving, just dive in

Ever since I made that batch of pickled onions the other day, I've been unable to think about anything other than onions. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but I really am thinking about them a lot. I decided that for dinner tonight, I will make the most oniony thing I can think of that will still be good. I present to you:

Exponential Onion Burgers!

My plan is to mix a pound of ground beef with a packet of onion soup mix, make that into four patties, and top each burger with grilled onions and onion dip. Maybe even some pickled onions. I wanted to put them on onion buns, but the store only had 8-packs of those, which is silly for a home where two people live. I'm only serving us one each for dinner and then packing another for our lunches Wednesday, and I don't want to have to scramble to use double that amount of buns.

I had a container of onion dip in my basket at the store last night and realized there was just no reason to use a pre-made one, especially since it would be the fattiest version possible if I did. Instead, I grabbed a two-cup container of Fage greek yogurt and mixed it with a packet of onion soup mix. This made a giant container of very healthy dip/spread, with only 300 calories (plus whatever the onion powder might add, so, next to nothing) in the entire container.

So, onion party at my place tonight!

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