christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

No Ordinary Family is where people from good shows go to pay their bills

Has anyone else watched No Ordinary Family at all? I admit that I do, and it's mostly because Michael Chiklis is a total hottie. The show itself is like a family version of Heroes; a little bit of effects and fighting and intrigue, but a lot of high school and workplace problems. 

But what's most noticeable is that the cast is mainly made up of people who have been on really good shows. And now they're not.


Michael Chiklis was on The Shield, which I've never seen, but have heard nothing but good things about.

I'm only about two seasons into Dexter, but realized by seeing Julie Benz on this show that something's going to happen to her character. And by the way, an image search of her turns up surprisingly racy results if you're into that sort of thing.

Romany Malco and Guillermo Diaz were both on Weeds. FWIW I'm on season 6 now and don't miss either of them as much as I miss Elizabeth Perkins as Celia Hodes.

Josh Stewart had a great role on Dirt, which is one of my favorite shows. I bet maybe three of you have seen it.

Rebecca Mader was on Lost, and now she plays the biggest sci-fi cliche ever, a shapeshifter.

Lucy Lawless made 134 episodes of Xena, but has one of those minor-while-important roles on NOF. You know, the shadowy figure who pops in to give the orders. I never watched Xena either, but its cult status is undeniable.

There's really no point to this, other than to say it's a watchable show, but No Ordinary Family is really bittersweet because you'd rather watch everyone who is on it doing something else. For example, Michael Chiklis should do porn.

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