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From Twitter 04-08-2011

  • 10:06:44: I have Living Color songs stuck in my head.
  • 11:20:38: Finally, a Snuggie for, uh, food? While driving? I hate America sometimes.
  • 12:31:04: They need to sell e-ink wallpaper.
  • 12:35:35: How did we go from "Sex in the '90s" on MTV and HBO's "Real Sex" to abstinence-only education and defunding Planned Parenthood?
  • 13:37:02: You know who is good? That America Ferrera.
  • 14:29:06: Sure, you can order possum fur nipple warmers on the internet, but I want to go to New Zealand and buy them for you.
  • 15:34:52: Just found myself wanting to yell "Would you deglaze that pan already?!?" at the TV.
  • 16:06:57: I was just creating a potato salad recipe and remembered discovering a few weeks ago that they sell canned potatoes. Mind blown again.
  • 19:59:42: RT @alexjon: TINY PONIES IN BARS OH MY GOD
  • 20:13:39: Why don't they make clear cell phones? They should.

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