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My coworker is working from home today, so I asked if I could log in using his laptop, and uploaded the pictures using its SD card reader. The full set of trip photos has 317 photos and a few videos. I tagged the photos which are from our specific destinations: Shidoni, Sandia Peak Tram, the Very Large Array, White Sands, the Space Museum, the UFO Museum, Carlsbad Caverns, and Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

I also got lots more of Garrett's famous wave:

He's so cute!

Do be aware that I'm an "upload first, delete later" type, so there may be some bad pictures in there that I won't notice for a while. Here are some of my favorites from the trip:

IMG_2500IMG_2486IMG_2489Dad and DebbieIMG_2412IMG_2421IMG_2359IMG_2321IMG_2290IMG_2268IMG_2215IMG_2281


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