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From Twitter 05-02-2011

  • 08:28:09: An older version of this is stuck in my head, but this is the one you should watch. ♫
  • 10:18:49: Alternate Titles for Sheryl Crow’s New Cookbook
  • 12:25:38: "Will you guys let me know if this thing ever airs?" - Michael Scott
  • 15:47:48: Pet peeve: smartass bus doors that take a long time to open, but fly open really fast when they do.
  • 16:22:35: They should make couches with two sets of armrests so those of us with cats would get to use an armrest once in a while.
  • 18:04:37: Remember "colorizing"? Yeah that was dumb. I'm surprised they haven't tried it again now that we have way better special effects
  • 18:16:55: There goes my theory that bin Laden was chillaxin at Prairie Chapel Ranch.
  • 19:33:16: The coffin on The Killing is totally cute!

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