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From Twitter 05-04-2011

  • 06:00:52: I wish Rob Zombie would go back to making really awesome music instead of movies that are kinda ok.
  • 07:07:51: Kristen Wiig is killing off two of her recurring SNL characters. An SNL first?
  • 08:19:55: Saw someone on LinkedIn with occupation listed as "Stay at Home Mommy". She should promote herself to "CEO of My Family"!
  • 08:44:17: I wish someone I knew taped every episode of Taradise and transferred them to DVD and would give them to me for my upcoming birthday.
  • 10:49:00: Movie producers buying a movie review site? RT @ebertchicago: Flash: Warner Bros. buys Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster.
  • 11:10:51: Greyhound in Bellevue? Huh.
  • 16:24:20: Why do phones find the task of deleting all text messages so taxing? It always takes forever.

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