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From Twitter 05-07-2011

  • 08:39:39: Haha, just emailed a birthday card to the wrong person's Kindle trying to send it to my man. Wonder if they'll get it. Glad it wasn't dirty.
  • 10:26:28: My iPod is completely frozen. Best hope may be for the battery to run out, too bad it got fully charged just before freezing up! #FWP
  • 13:59:02: Cooked/drained ramen noodles + 1/5 of beef flavor packet + bulgarian pickled vegetable salad + marinated grilled pork = very good lunch.
  • 16:37:40: An image search for "cat with iguana" turns up a surprisingly large amount of results.
  • 17:21:55: I don't even wear watches these days but I'm totally in the mood to wear three Swatches and carry a Swatch bag that has a zip-off end.
  • 19:17:06: Vegan pork rinds #thingsthatprobablydontexist

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