October 17th, 2009

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IMNSHO: Freedom of religion and Ref 71

If your pastor has asked you to reject Referendum 71 in Washington, he is truly doing you and the rest of your congregation a huge disservice. An attempt to deny gay people domestic partnership rights for religious reasons is a step backward from protecting freedom of religion. Why? Because the rights and responsibilities you already enjoy aren't granted to you by the bible, they're granted by the constitution. If you vote to deny others those same rights based on your religion, you're imposing your religious beliefs on them. You're guaranteed the right to practice your religion, not to make everyone else abide by it.

So what does it mean for you if you force others to follow your religion? That it's ok for them to try to take your religious freedom away, too. You have an obligation to protect your freedom to practice religion as you see fit, and when you impose your religious beliefs upon others, you're doing the opposite of that. This is a truly dangerous form of hypocrisy, and it doesn't take a very complicated hypothetical thought exercise to put it in perspective for yourself. All you have to ask is, what if it were me? 

I'm sure it's difficult with your support network and all the love you feel to step back and imagine what it would be like if it were used against you, but I'd really appreciate it if you would. 

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Movie cliches

Photographer has his or her own dark room.

Photographer's life is in danger because of a picture of a crime he didn't even mean to get.

People meet, talk all night, and get breakfast together in the morning without yawning even once.

Bar fight!