October 28th, 2009

mad toast

The thing I hate most with phones

I really can't stand it when I call someone, leave them a voice message, and then they call back and say, "I missed your call, what's up?" But since I really hate actually speaking on the phone and just want to get it over with, I just tell them what I said instead of telling them to listen to my voice message and call me back.

But seriously, that's annoying. If you don't want people leaving you voice mail messages, please say so in your outgoing voice mail greeting.

And hopefully everyone will one day have transcription in their voice mail so that they get a text message and an email version of their voice mails so they can read it instead of calling me and asking what I said. I set mine up this morning and it works great. You should set it up, too. Or at least listen to your voice mail before calling me back.