November 30th, 2009


Movie cliches

Police officer happens upon a robbery in progress, which he notices because flashlights are used in an otherwise-dark store or residence.

Person struggles with two or more paper bags full of groceries while trying to unlock a door, which leads to them meeting a neighbor. Grocery bags cannot have handles, ever.

Person gets locked outside house or hotel room naked while trying to grab the newspaper.

Newspaper delivery boy hits person in the head with the newspaper.

worst courtroom sketch

Early onset dementia

I spent this morning with this song stuck in my head with absolutely no idea how it got there. Haven't heard it or thought about it in years.

Then I was going to post about it and couldn't remember the song. Just that it was a one-hit wonder (to the max) and that the video was filmed in an empty pool and that one of the guys had a Charlie Brown yellow and black zig-zag shirt.

I grew worried as I searched around online to find it and could only find one relevant post, which was someone else also looking for the same video. Then it finally popped back in my head. Now you can watch it.