December 4th, 2009


Twitter Litter

  • 07:59 hey @motore it's spelled "pre-func" or "prefunc" and it means "before the function". :) #
  • 08:50 This is totally about me: #
  • 12:04 I walked about 3 miles to get a banh mi for lunch today. It's tasty and I'm tired. #
  • 12:42 Here is a photo of me doing an impression of the Skeletor on my t-shirt. Or something. Wow. #
  • 15:12 A truly beautiful and inspiring new track for you to share with someone you love. #
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"All I'm saying is we ESTIMATE [the value of life] all the time. Heck, you do it whenever you're paid hourly and you speed into work! Divide the extra money you get by being there sooner by the increased chance of death the added speed brings you, and you've JUST VALUED YOUR OWN LIFE."

- T-Rex

Morning text messages

gower_power : cell phone game title: Cock-A-Doodle. what?
christopher575 : Yankee doodle dildo
gower_power : oh fuck. EVERYONE is staring at me while I laugh. except your mohawk twin with glasses. he's just smiling along.
christopher575 : Yankee doodle lube it up, yankee doodle dildo, smile as I slam it in and grind it like a mill, bro
gower_power : wow. that is something else, pal. Is that a show tune that the short guy sings on tuesdays?
christopher575 : That's why he wears the kilt. Easy access.
gower_power : easy ass-cess
christopher575 : May lead to a cheesey abcess
gower_power : nasty!