December 22nd, 2009


Writer's Block: Will You Marry Me?

What’s your idea of the perfect proposal?

The way my boyfriend did it a week ago.

He didn't take me to a ball game and have it displayed on a blimp or JumboTron. He didn't hire a singing telegram or make a cheesey machinima youtube video. None of that weird stuff that guys do to make it impossible for the guy or girl to say no even if he or she doesn't really want to say yes.

He just told me in a very sweet way what I mean to him and asked me to make it legal. He surprised me with love and honesty, and made my heart soar.


Let us speak right into whichever of Duritz's ears doesn't have a cockily tipped wool hat over it. Adam, we don't know if you misunderstood the song's anti-globalization, anti-industrialization, anti-corporation message, or just chose to ignore it so you could get free Frappucinos for life. But we're gonna hip you to a harsh reality. Seriously, you know the line about how they "paved paradise and put up a parking lot?" Like how they replaced something beautiful with something cold and heartless and commercial? That's you. You're the parking lot, motherfucker. You drove your shitty steamroller over something everyone loved so you could pander your sensitive pussyhound whine to people waiting in line at the Carl's Jr. They paved Nirvana and put up a Counting Crow. Argh!

- Maura Johnston and/or Christopher R. Weingarten

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  • 09:05 ICYDK, my neighborhood has, like, a jillion bookstores. #
  • 13:27 Why can't you just tell me the number of pieces of flair I have to wear? #
  • 15:26 Today's pet peeve: men who waste water by 1) using toilets when urinals are available and 2) flushing them first. #
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