February 22nd, 2010


Mr Bento 4

Mr Bento 4, originally uploaded by christopher575.

Cheese tortellini, caesar salad, green apple, botched caprese with balsamic reduction.

Lesson learned: If you try to make caprese the night before, the cheese will soak up the vinegar and turn brown, and the moisture from the tomatoes will de-reduce your reduction. Live and learn.


Twitter Litter

  • 07:03 Was just nearly run down by a car and missed my bus because I ran after it to try to get the license plate. Lovely morning. #
  • 08:01 Up for debate: KILLING PEOPLE WITH AIRPLANES, IS IT RIGHT OR WRONG? (haha) bit.ly/aFniNF #
  • 08:27 Whoa, why does Target.com feature ads by Google? Keep shoppers on your own site, guys! #
  • 08:59 The Internet: it's where you see pictures that remind you of old crushes, track down said crushes, and laugh for having had the crush. #
  • 15:21 Currently deleting 1,584 pictures and videos off my phone (603MB). Wow. #
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