February 25th, 2010

Is that a BOSE?

Does anyone local want my amazing futon?

You may have often wondered, just what is that beautiful purple wavy background in so many of 575's pictures? Wonder no more! It is my beautiful futon!

Old wallet / new wallet

I don't know why this futon has held up so well, but I still find it extremely comfortable. I'd keep it, but there's just no place for it when I move in with Garrett.

The frame, I'll admit, is an issue. It holds up fine in couch form but is wobbly in bed form. I rather enjoyed sleeping on it for a while, because I liked the way it collapsed around me a bit and cradled me like a fluffy gordita shell. More than likely, though, if you plan to sleep on it, you'll probably want to replace the frame.

Anyone want it? You can have it any time between now and 3/19, except for 3/2-3/9 because I'll be traveling. I could just list it on Craigslist, but the purple wavy cover is really really cool and I figured I should give my friends a shot at it. But you have to take the whole thing, because I don't have a good way to get rid of, say, just the frame.

EDIT: vurumai has claimed it. Thanks!
mad toast

Setting the scene

Setting the scene, originally uploaded by christopher575.

I took this picture this morning to illustrate what happened when I was nearly run over on Monday. I was standing in the same spot, and a red car was waiting at the light where the car with the headlights in the picture is, though I don't think she had her lights on.

This is a notoriously long light, so she had lots of time to take a look around. Nevertheless, when the light turned green, she came right at me as if I were invisible. It was close enough that I'm amazed I wasn't knocked aside.

The reason I took this picture is that I wanted it to be plainly obvious how bright it was at the time and how stupid the whole situation was. I'm disappointed in myself for not thinking to chase after her sooner to get the license plate number, though I somehow doubt the police could do anything even if I got it.

I really, really hate irresponsible drivers and am mad that abstaining from driving actually makes me more vulnerable to them instead of less. Hang up your phone and pay some damn attention, all of you.


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